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We understand what PR really stands for, it’s not just pushing products but also it’s all about personal relationships.


We are a full-service multilingual public relations agency. Our clients make news, we connect people with the right brand, support causes and create memorable events. The proactive and personalized approach is what sets us aside from our competitors.

Our mission is to create public relation programs that are efficient and adapted to the needs of our clients while keeping track of the current trends in North America.

Media Management
  • PR and Media Consulting
  • Pro-active and Reactive PR Services
  • Publicity Initiatives
  • Traditional Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Representation at Major Events
  • Media Training
Event Planning
  • Production
  • Event Design
  • Sponsorship Research
  • Event Budget
Image and Brand development
  • Profile Building
  • Image Protection
  • Tools to Engage Conversation
  • Sponsorship Plan Development

Karine Delage

Born and raised in Montreal, Karine Delage was immersed at a young age in the Entertainment World. At the age of 8 she was the youngest journalist in Quebec. By 13 she was writing for 7 Jours magazine then start covering events such as the Grammys, the MTV Music Awards, the Billboard Music Award and even Woodstock. She quickly became the little girl that everyone was talking about in the industry. Ten years ago she moved to Toronto to pursuit her dream of becoming the household name in the PR industry.

Karine took the industry by storm with her knowledge, determination and love for the industry; allowed her to work with A-list Talents and brands.Not only a Publicist but also a Project manager and Event Organizer. With her breath taking creative mind she can create pretty much everything with anything. For the past years, she proved that she is there to stay by conquering city after city.

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